THE HISTORY OF THE ARABOFRIESIAN HORSES began in the sixties when the for agricultural work raised friesian horses actually showed too little heart and lungvolume for international dressagecontests and competative sports.
The friesian mare Gelbrich together with the very nice black arab elite stallion Charib were chosen to solve this.
Because of clearly increased heart and lungvolume, toughness and endurance, as well in the saddle as for a carriage, improved severely.
Some generations later the arabofriesian horses (with 6-20% arab blood) won year after year Belgian four-in hand championships through which they proved to be suitable for very heavy international sportcompetitions !

THE ARABOFRIESIAN (sport)HORSES can never, in any way, be compared with products of wild breeding with friesian and arab horses……..

THE ARABOFRIESIAN (sport)HORSE IS SINCE 2006 an independant, protected race.
Descendants of selected arabofriesian (and frisian) stallions are registered by the european admitted studbook to get a full arabofriesian pedegree and a passport, and some of them have even got a sportcertificat.

WE OFFER YOU top of the bill arabofriesian (sport)horses, descendants of among others the famous selected arabofriesian stallions such as Dark Ynthe and Dark Rico (!)
Their movements, their performance ability, their charackter and consequently the overwelmingly improved possibilities for use are very easily to be found back in all of our arabofriesian horses.
That’s why in the meantime already a lot of fans of warmblood horses give more and more priority to these carefully raised arabofriesian  (sport)horses above other races.

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